Our Vision

We believe in a world where every child has a right to read and learn.

The Context

More children are enrolled in schools than ever before and more parents are convinced of the value of education. Yet the promise of education is belied by sub-par reading skills and numeracy and poor learning outcomes among the majority of first generation school-goers. Tens of millions of children in India do not have the privilege of accessing a range of worthwhile and age-appropriate reading material or exposure to a print-rich environment so crucial to their growth. They grow up with nothing to read other than their textbooks. There is a glaring lack of good reading material in Indian languages. Moreover, if you are a working child, or a child from a poor family, or a tribal child, someone from a nomadic family or migrating for labour, a girl from a minority community, a child with special needs, a slum child… your world and experience hardly figure in children’s literature, in textbooks, in learning materials, in classroom processes.

The Missing Link

Recognizing these absences, Manan Books has been set up by a group committed to foregrounding the needs of marginalised children. Informed by years of pedagogical insight, publishing and production experience and a social purpose, Manan Books aims to publish books promoting the democratic potential of education, to reflect the diversity of childhoods and learning experiences. We believe that good books in the mother tongues of India are the missing link that is holding back our children from flowering to their fullest potential.

Our promise

The Manan Books list invites young readers to taste the pleasures of reading in their mother tongues. Its learning material makes the textbook less forbidding. Books for teachers give practical ideas to teach to the needs of their classroom. Designed to encourage thinking and reflection, explore emotions and experience joy, our books accompany the reader as she finds her own definitions of learning and life.

Manan Books publishes affordable and attractive material in three categories:

  • Children’s literature with universal appeal, for babies, preschoolers, primary and secondary age children, as well as young adults
  • ‘Learning magazines’ designed to support children and teachers in the classroom for enhanced learning and thinking
  • Books for teachers, parents, communities, and educational leaders to encourage reading and learning among children

Come! Join us in our mission to ensure every child’s right to read, think and learn.

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