Support the Costs of Book Development, Printing and Distribution

Our children deserve the best. Working with this stated objective means that we develop the most attractive books for children in their own mother tongues and rooted in their local contexts.

If you cast your mind back to your own childhood, you might be reminded of the time when your first and most favourite children’s book reflected your own world back to you and tickled your imagination. As you became a fluent reader, you probably began reading about people from other parts of the world.

We would like for all children—specially first generation school-goers to have the same experience with their first books. Just as they require nourishing food, they require the best books that will make them autonomous readers for life. Fluency in the mother tongue is essential for all learning as well as acquisition of other languages such as Hindi or English.

Attractive, illustrated stories and poems, non-fiction in book form introduces children to the pleasure of reading. Such books help them practice a newly acquired skill with the exercise of choice. It encourages them to form opinions and improves their oral skills. These will be published in as many Indian languages as possible, including tribal languages. They will reflect the diversity of stories and experiences  from across the country and give visibility to different childhoods.

Teachers in government schools also need support with books that help them develop and improve their own teaching, given the exigencies of their own classrooms. These classrooms may have children speaking multiple mother tongues, may hail from vastly different backgrounds , they may not be able to attend school regularly and the teacher has to devise ways to ensure that all children learn. Practical tools, fresh ideas to rise to the challenges of an ever-changing classroom will be the fulcrum of this stream of publishing.

Learning material specially designed for children increases their exposure to the number of printed pages from which they can learn. Living in low print environments, they rarely get to read anything more than their text books and simple support material improves their access to different sources of knowledge. This will be guided by curricular objectives and will assist both the children and the teacher. The price will be kept in a bracket that even the most economically disadvantaged can afford. Two low cost learning magazines, namely Chahak for primary grades and Mitwa for secondary grades have been launched under this stream of publishing.

We invite generous and thoughtful people like you to support the cost of book development, printing and distribution of books and material from any of these streams. We will be happy to credit you as the donor/part-donor on the copyright pages of the books/ magazines  for our minimum donation package.

Should you wish to support our efforts with a smaller donation, we would be happy to receive such amounts. They will go towards meeting the costs of developing, printing and distributing books and other material in our proposed streams. We will acknowledge you / your company in our Annual Report.

Donation packages

  • Contribute towards development of 1 issue of Chahak (low cost learning magazine for primary grades): Rs 50,000/-
  • Contribute towards development of 1 issue of Mitwa (low cost learning magazine for secondary grades): Rs 75,000/-
  • Contribute towards part-development of a book for children or teachers in two languages: Rs 100,000/-
  • Minimum donation for credit line on our material: Rs 10,000/-

You may donate to us either via internet banking or cheques.

Internet Transfer

Please use the bank account information provided in the next section to make the transfer. Once that is completed, please write to us at info@mananbooks.in with the following details: Name, Address, PAN, Amount Donated, Transaction ID, and Bank Name; so that we can issue an exemption certificate under section 80-G.


Please mail or courier us a cheque in the name of IGNUS PAHAL to the address mentioned in the next section, with the following details: Name, Address, PAN, Amount Donated, Cheque number, Date of issue, and Bank Name; so that we can issue an exemption certificate under section 80-G.

Online Donations

Please use the link below to access our online donations page. You will be redirected to the Payment Gateway Instamojo where you can securely complete your transaction.

Registration and financial information

Ignus Pahal is a not-for profit organization registered under Section 25 of the Companies Act. Donations to Ignus Pahal are eligible for tax exemption under section 80G. Manan Books is housed within this non-profit arm of Ignus ERG called Ignus PAHAL.


Brief Particulars of the Company

CONTACT NO: 01204235181

CIN: U80904UP2013NPL056968
80-G Reg No: CIT(E)/LKO/80-G/2015-16/272/3741

Bank Account No: 50200004678046

Bank Name & Branch: HDFC BANK LTD
Ansal Fortune Arcade, K Block, Sector-18, Noida-201301 UP

IFSC: HDFC0000088

MICR: 110240014

Swift Code: HDFCINBB

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