We would be most grateful if you could let at least five other persons know about our efforts and garner their support to the cause of getting books to those who need them the most. A word from you might connect us with someone who could contribute greatly in different ways.

We will keep you updated

We believe it is important to keep you informed of how your funds and support are being utilized. We will share data with you about the distribution and sale of the books that your contribution has made possible. We produce regular reports on all our library activities and conduct yearly learning assessments. We will also share with you when books are supplied to a school along with the feedback we receive on their use. Our own assessment of the health of our programmes and their impact will be forwarded to you.

Outcomes your contribution will enable

  • More children from economically disadvantaged families will have access to early reading and other learning material.
  • The number of pages read per child will be higher wherever we are successful in reaching our material.
  • The reading (and overall learning) levels attained by children will be much closer to their age-appropriate levels.
  • Higher order skills (reasoning, problem-solving, creativity) will be much more strongly present among children.
  • Parental involvement with their children’s learning (as in time spent interacting with child, and nature of interaction) and community involvement with schools (e.g. in assessing children’s learning and involvement in school plan development) will be much higher.
  • Classroom practices will more closely approximate desired ones in more schools, with teachers having greater clarity on what to do (as observed in their teaching plans and through interaction with them), and actually implementing it (assessed on basis of classroom observation against a set of performance indicators).
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